Can You Do Uber Eats at 18? Age Requirement Explained

Can You Do Uber Eats at 18? Age Requirement Explained

Delivery work is an excellent hustle for younger people with no degree or job experience to continue their studies or work another job. There are two different age requirements to do Uber Eats, depending on your mode of transport.

The minimum age requirement for Uber Eats is 18, but not for all delivery modes. Here are the age requirements explained:

1. Uber Eats Age: Can You Start Delivering at 18?

When you turn 18, you can sign up to deliver Uber Eats on a bike or foot (in some cities). If you want to deliver on a motorcycle or car, the age limit is 19. With this age minimum, Uber Eats allows you to sign on if you are too young to drive, letting you deliver on a bike.

DoorDash, another major food delivery app, doesn’t differentiate between bikes and cars, letting you join them from 18 if you have a valid driver’s license. On the other hand, to deliver for Grubhub, you must be at least 19, and they don’t distinguish between the two modes of transport.

2. Age Requirements for Uber Eats Delivery

As mentioned above, you can join Uber Eats at 18, but only to deliver on a bike or foot. Once you turn 19, you can start delivering by car. Besides their minimum age requirements, you also need the following to deliver for Uber Eats:

  • You can deliver by bike at 18 but must have a government-issued I.D.
  • You need a valid driver’s license if you’re 19 and plan to deliver by car.
  • A social security number to allow Uber to run the relevant background checks (reasons to disqualify you include driving under the influence (DUI) or serious traffic violations).
  • You must have access to your planned mode of transport for delivering food.

When signing up with Uber Eats, selecting the correct mode of transport is crucial. These include a car, moped, motorbike, bike, or walking in certain cities.

3. Delivering with Uber Eats: Can 18-Year-Olds Join?

Across the world, the minimum driving age differs. While it is only 16 in the U.S., it is slightly older in Australia and the U.K. at 17. In other countries, a young person cannot get a driver’s license before turning 18, even though they can drive under supervision when they get their learner’s license.

However, most delivery companies prefer their drivers to be a little older. For example, the minimum age at Amazon, FedEx, and UPS is 21. Doordash’s minimum age requirement is 18, but that depends on the limit set by the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you want to work.

Studies have shown that younger drivers recently receiving their driver’s licenses have a higher risk of crashes. The risk decreases with age, and Circuit quotes these figures:

  • Drivers between the ages of 16 and 17 have the highest rate at 1,432 crashes for every 100 million miles driven
  • Drivers between 18 and 19 have 730 crashes for every 100 million miles driven
  • Drivers between 20 and 24 have 572 crashes for every 100 million miles driven.

Companies seek to minimize risk and, therefore, look for drivers with more experience. Uber Eats typically requires its drivers (known as delivery partners) to meet certain age and vehicle requirements. However, these requirements can vary by location, and Uber’s policies and requirements may change over time.

You may need to be at least 18 in many regions to join Uber Eats as a delivery partner. At 18, you can deliver by bike or walk. From 19 onwards, you can choose the mode you plan to deliver with. In all cases, you must have access to your transport mode. You must also meet specific vehicle requirements, such as having a valid driver’s license if you plan to deliver with a car.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the specific requirements for becoming an Uber Eats delivery partner in your area, visit the Uber Eats website or contact Uber Eats directly through their support channels. Remember that requirements and policies may change, so it’s essential to verify the current conditions when you’re interested in joining.

4. Is 18 the Minimum Age for Uber Eats Delivery?

The Uber Eats age requirement is a minimum of 19 for car drivers and 18 for delivering by bike or foot.

The flexibility provided by Uber gives many young people the ability to continue their studies or work a second job. You create your schedule by managing your hours and get paid whenever you deliver. Once you complete a pickup and drop-off, you get paid by Uber according to your city’s rate, and customers often leave tips.

Uber Eats also has no restrictions on whether you choose to do deliveries for other apps.

Get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your location’s minimum age requirement for Uber Eats delivery. It’s best to visit the Uber Eats website or contact Uber Eats directly through their support channels. Age requirements can vary by region, so it’s essential to check the current policies for your area.

5. Uber Eats and Age: Can I Start at 18?

The minimum age requirement to become an Uber Eats driver varies by location and is determined by local laws and regulations.

In most areas, the minimum age to participate as an Uber Eats driver is 18 years old for those delivering by bike or on foot. It’s essential to note that age requirements can differ based on specific regional rules and may even be higher in certain jurisdictions.

By stipulating a minimum age, Uber Eats aims to ensure that drivers can legally enter into agreements and take on the responsibilities of providing delivery services.

To confirm the exact minimum age requirement for becoming an Uber Eats driver in your area, it is recommended to review the local guidelines and regulations provided by Uber Eats or reach out to the Uber Eats support team for accurate and up-to-date information.

The Uber Eats Age requirement is a minimum age for several reasons:

  • Age restrictions ensure compliance with legal regulations, especially driving.
  • Uber Eats limits the potential risks for minors engaging in fatal situations.
  • Food delivery involves interactions with strangers and handling transactions, and the age requirement helps with safety concerns and liability.
  • Uber Eats delivery partners use their vehicles, meaning that the minimum age requirement helps ensure driver eligibility based on data and statistics regarding the average maturity level and decision-making capabilities.

Enforcing a minimum age requirement allows Uber Eats to maintain a consistent policy in the different locations it services. Uber Eats aims to provide a safer environment for users and compliance with legal requirements.

6. Joining Uber Eats as a Delivery Partner at 18

Follow these general steps to join Uber Eats:

  • Ensure that you meet the basic requirements. Depending on your location, these include being at least 18 years old and having access to a suitable vehicle (car, bike, or scooter).
  • Download the Uber Eats application from the Uber website onto your smartphone.
  • Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  • Provide all the required information. These include your name, contact details, driver’s license or government-issued I.D., social security number, and other details.
  • You must consent to a background check that Uber Eats runs on you.
  • If you’re 19 and plan to use a vehicle, you must provide all the information required, including model and license plate number.
  • Upload all the documentation required by Uber Eats.
  • You must attend an online or in-person orientation, depending on your location.
  • Once you receive approval, you must download the Uber Eats driver’s app from which you accept delivery requests and customer locations.
  • You are ready to start accepting requests and earning money for deliveries based on your chosen locations and work hours.
  • Always follow the guidelines provided by Uber Eats to ensure you get good ratings that enable you to work as a delivery partner.

The steps and requirements may vary by location, and Uber Eats’ policies can change over time. Always check the Uber Eats website or contact their support for the most current information based on your location before registering to become a delivery partner.

7. Age Limit for Uber Eats Delivery: 18 and Up

Uber has set the age limit for those wanting to become delivery partners at 19 for those wishing to deliver by car. However, if you want to work for them from 18, you can use a bike or deliver on foot.

At 18, becoming an Uber Eats partner provides flexibility to earn money while studying or working elsewhere. The money you earn can help you meet the expenses of your tertiary education, or you can add it to any other income you have if you prefer to start working after leaving high school. It’s also a fun hustle with good earnings based on several factors.

With Uber Eats, you earn delivery fees based on several factors, including their base fee, time taken, and distance traveled. They implement surge pricing in some areas, meaning you can earn more during peak hours.

The earnings of Uber Eats drivers can vary based on several factors. Here’s a general overview of how much Uber Eats drivers make. Customers can also leave tips, providing you with an additional income source.

Uber Eats also runs several promotions that incentivize you to increase your earnings. These can include bonuses for meeting certain metrics or making a specific number of deliveries within a particular timeframe.

Finally, when choosing to work for Uber Eats, you are solely responsible for maintaining your selected mode of transport. At 18, this can prove less expensive since a bike has fewer running and maintenance costs than a car.

Uber Eats has a considerable share of the delivery market. Its lower age limit that allows you to do it at 18 makes it a fun way to start earning money.