Post-Holiday Farewells: How To Say Goodbye to Deployed Family Members

Post-Holiday Farewells: How To Say Goodbye to Deployed Family Members

Welcoming a new year often brings joy and hope, but this season also heralds a challenging farewell for families with deployed members. The departure of a loved one to distant lands weaves a complex tapestry of emotions, with each thread as delicate as the thin ribbons your soldier wears on their chest yet as strong as the bonds that tie us together. 

We’re exploring how to navigate these heartfelt goodbyes. Transform goodbyes into moments of strength and enduring connection with simple steps today.

Understanding the Emotional Landscape 

The post-holiday season can stir a whirlwind of emotions when a family member is set to deploy. Feelings of worry, sadness, and hope intertwine, much like the colorful threads of thin ribbons, each symbolizing a different facet of our emotional spectrum. Acknowledging these feelings as natural and valid and open communication within the family can help. 

Sharing fears and hopes can be a cathartic experience. This period is also a time to celebrate the strength of your loved one and the support system you have as a family. Understanding and accepting these emotions creates a solid foundation for the farewell, acknowledging the bittersweet reality and the unbreakable bond you share.

Preparing for the Farewell 

As the day of departure nears, preparing for the farewell is crucial. Start by discussing expectations and wishes for the goodbye. If your loved one has a favorite ritual or symbol, incorporate these into your plans. 

It’s also beneficial to talk about the upcoming changes in daily life. Discuss practical aspects, such as managing household responsibilities and maintaining regular communication. Though sometimes tough, these conversations can strengthen your bond and provide a sense of shared responsibility and partnership.

Creative Ways To Say Goodbye

Goodbyes are heartrending, yet they offer an opportunity for creativity and heartfelt expression. Consider organizing a small, intimate gathering with close family and friends, focusing on positive memories and shared hopes for the future. 

You might create a memory box filled with notes, photos, small keepsakes or craft personalized thin ribbons, each bearing a special message or memory. Another idea is to write a letter to be opened at a later date, providing comfort during times of separation. These gestures ease the pain of parting and are enduring reminders of love and support.

Staying Connected During Deployment 

Staying connected during deployment is vital for the deployed member and their family. Regular communication through emails, phone calls, or video chats can significantly ease the emotional burden. Embrace technology to share daily experiences, however mundane they may seem. 

Sending care packages with favorite snacks, personal items, or handwritten letters can also be a great way to show you care. If children are involved, encourage them to draw pictures or write stories to share. Importantly, establish a communication routine and understand the challenges and limitations your deployed family member may face in staying in touch.

Taking Care of Yourself 

In the emotional whirlwind of a family member’s deployment, it’s crucial not to overlook your well-being. Self-care is a necessity. Start by establishing a routine that includes activities you enjoy and that provide comfort. 

These small acts can significantly impact your mental health, whether it’s a morning walk, reading a book, or a weekly coffee with friends. Joining support groups in person or online can offer a sense of community and understanding. 

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if feelings of anxiety or sadness become overwhelming. Taking care of yourself helps you to cope better and also enables you to provide better support to your deployed loved one and other family members.

Maintaining Strength Through Distance

Saying goodbye to a deployed family member post-holiday season is a profound and emotional journey. It’s a path paved with mixed feelings, from pride and love to fear and longing. 


By understanding these emotions, preparing thoughtfully for the farewell, maintaining a strong connection during deployment, and caring for your well-being, you can navigate this challenging time with resilience and strength. The ties that bind military families aren’t visible but are enduring and strong enough to withstand the tests of distance and time. 

As you face this goodbye, remember that you’re not alone. Your strength, love, and resilience are the unsung melodies that keep the spirit of your family harmonious and strong, even when miles apart.