Entering Adulthood and Cruising: What Cruise Can You Go on Alone at 18? 

Entering Adulthood and Cruising: What Cruise Can You Go on Alone at 18? 

Most cruises stipulate that an 18-year-old cannot travel alone. They only accept people alone if they are 21 or older, and they provide onboard activities for young adults. However, these are most suitable for those under 17. 

On most cruises, if you are 18 and under 21, you cannot enjoy the bars and nightclubs unless you are with an adult, leaving you with the only nighttime entertainment option of going to the casino. 

However, if you don’t want to go on a cruise with your parents, guardian, or older siblings or friends, you may want to know what cruise you can go on alone at 18. 

What Cruise Can You Go on Alone at 18? 

Cruising as a young adult can offer you an exciting opportunity to experience traveling solo and meeting others your age. You will want your cruise to provide fun onboard activities that appeal to your sense of fun, including entertainment, deck parties, water parks, and extreme sports. 

What cruise can you go on alone at 18 if you want to participate in the excitement of a sailing holiday? 

  1. Virgin Voyages

You must be an adult to embark on a Virgin Voyages cruise since they have a strict no-kids policy, accepting anyone 18 or over. Virgin Voyages is ideal for anyone looking for a fun-filled cruise with lots of partying. 

Deciding which Virgin Voyage trip is ideal for you depends entirely on you. Their destinations include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Europe, and South America. Even for cruises departing from Miami, you are allowed to drink alcohol once the ship is in international waters, which is 12 nautical miles from the US coastline. 

Virgin Voyages is ideal for you if you have wondered what cruise you can go on alone at 18. Learn more about the Virgin Voyages experience by reading this article from Fora. 

  1. MSC Cruises (Avoiding US Ports) 

MSC Cruises covers the globe, allowing you to experience some of the world’s most exotic destinations. If you wish to travel without your parents at 18, you can only book a cruise that doesn’t include traveling to a US port. 

Expect a lively onboard experience since the cruise line offers excellent entertainment and many dining options on its ships. There are also several bars to choose from, and you can drink in them as an 18-year-old as long as you aren’t in the US. The cruises are reasonably priced, making them affordable for any young adult. 

  1. Royal Caribbean (avoiding US Ports)

A cruise on one of the ships of the world’s most prominent cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, will remain unforgettable. Expect to indulge in several daytime and evening activities aimed at younger adults, including surf simulators, rock climbing, escape rooms, nightclubs, and karaoke bars. 

  1. Disney Cruise Line (Avoiding US Ports)

You can travel on a Disney Cruise Line alone on one of its European cruises if you are wondering what cruise you can go on alone at 18. However, you cannot order alcohol onboard a Disney Cruise if you are under 21, even in Europe. 

Disney cruises are more expensive than others, but you can expect plenty of incredible entertainment and fun onboard. Their water slides, as are some of their other features, are unique, but most activities are probably suited for younger ages. 

  1. P&O Cruises

P&O operates out of Britain. Their various ships aim to please different interests. Choose one of their ships that matches your interests – two adult-only liners are ideal for you if you are 18-20, or opt for a family ship from their newest additions, the Iona and Arvia.

Most younger people prefer the family options because they attract a younger crowd. The Arvia’s features are the most exciting, including an escape room, a high rope course, mini golf for daytime activities, and a lively nighttime experience. 

Other Cruises to Go on Alone at 18 

What other cruises can you go on alone at 18? Several other cruise liners will accept you at 18. These include: 

  • Celebrity Cruises (avoiding US ports) – You require a bigger budget to enjoy a Celebrity cruise, but you can expect a modern and luxurious experience. Don’t expect many daytime activities, but some newer ships have natural lawns, great dining experiences, and moving bars. 
  • Marella Cruises – Even though Marella Cruises is more suited to older people, the British cruise line does welcome 18-year-olds, and you are allowed to drink while onboard. Their all-inclusive options make this an affordable cruise experience. You may not bump into many young people, but you will enjoy the nightclubs and bars on board. 
  • Ambassador Cruise Line – The British cruise line provides wonderful cruising experiences, but their target market is the over-50s. That doesn’t mean you cannot book a cruise with Ambassador Cruises Line if you are 18 but want to explore more and party less. 
  • Fred. Olsen – These cruises sail from British ports to several exciting global destinations. You are welcome at 18 but don’t expect to bump into many people your age on board or to partake in much partying. However, if you like sightseeing, crafting, or want to relax, then a Fred. Olsen cruise might suit you perfectly. 
  • Cunard – Cunard is a British cruise line that maintains the traditional cruising atmosphere, i.e., formal and concentrating on nighttime entertainment. Anyone from 18 and up is welcome aboard. 
  • Carnival – Carnival is a U.S.-based cruise line that will only allow you to travel on board between 18 and 20 if you are traveling with a spouse. Therefore, technically, only married younger adults are allowed onboard without someone older. 

Final Take

Sailing on a cruise at 18 means you will want several exciting activities. These include bars, nightclubs, different sports (some ships offer competitions and tournaments), entertainment, and a casino. Cruise Ship Traveller provides excellent ideas about what to look for before booking a cruise. 

Remember, on some cruise lines, you can drink at 18, depending on the cruising company and its itinerary. However, when cruising on a US cruise or around its waters, you cannot drink, even in international waters. On some cruises, you cannot drink anything stronger than beer or wine, while other cruise lines will need a parental waiver, but only if your parents are sailing with you.